Exceptional Service

What builds customer loyalty? Outstanding product support. A user buys equipment from SES, he sees how well we support it, and he buys another from us. And another. And another.

Anyone can sell you equipment. But no one is likely to back you up as thoroughly as SES does. Our method is to hire good people, train them continually, and put them to work with the industry's most advanced diagnostic and maintenance equipment.

Every SES mechanic stays up-to-date by participating in frequent training programs. We pay every mechanic to spend a substantial amount of time in our own classroom and in our manufacturer's classrooms. Whenever a manufacturer improves a product, our mechanics improve their product knowledge.

Such thorough training is costly to SES. But it's valuable to the SES customer.

The arrival of an SES field-service truck is good news to the customer's job-site superintendent. Every SES truck is Class 6 - big, with a high capacity lifting boom and a full supply of whatever it takes to keep your machines producing. When you call, we come. We turn downtime into uptime.

SES shop is at the leading edge of service technology. The advanced diagnostic equipment helps us to quickly get to the heart of every problem, and the advanced maintenance and repair equipment helps us prevent problems from occurring.

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