Airport & Snow Handling

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Airport Technologies Inc. (ATI) was formed several years ago to RE-LIFE airport specialized equipment i.e. Self propelled Snow Blowers and High Speed Runway Sweepers. We have grown our product niche to include “new manufacturing” of a purpose built high-speed airport plow vehicle; the Snow Mauler and our high-speed airport snow blower; the Snow Wolf. In addition we also manufacture new Plow Blades for both highway maintenance and airport applications. Our strength as a Company comes as a direct result of over 70 years collective experience on the part of the Company principles in the airport operation and maintenance business.The Snow Wolf and Snow Mauler are featured products! Click here to see more.



The name TRECAN, was originally an acronym for “Thermal Research and Engineering Canada”, and the company’s history and origins are steeped in combustion technology and thermal efficiency. Trecan Combustion is a Canadian company that has been designing and manufacturing Snowmelters for over 35 years and to date the company has delivered over 500 machines throughout the world with large numbers in the United States, Canada and Russia. Trecan is the only Snowmelter manufacturer that builds nine different models of Portable Snowmelters and more than ten single / multiple burner models of Stationary Snowmelters


Plows and Spreaders

Boschung snow clearance technology incorporates the various types of vehicles and attachments which are required for trouble-free winter maintenance at airports, on roads, in towns and cities and in villages. We offer a complete range of snow clearance machines (snowploughs, snow blowers, snow sweepers) as well as snow clearance concepts – all from one source!

Modern de-icing and anti-icing technology involves mobile and stationary de-icing as well as up-to-date data acquisition and evaluation, adapted to suit the specific requirements of the client. Boschung technology guarantees for an efficient and cost-effective winter maintenance.